Testimonials from actual clients!

“I have won just over $11,000 with you since April 8th. I was put in a $19,000 hole by other services. Following your money management system to a tee was the key to success. Thank You.” – Charles , Oklahoma


“What you have here is something else no one has ever done. It’s truely groundbreaking and will change the industry.” – Drew , Rally Point Bar & Grill owner , Raleigh , NC


“This is such a great service it reaches out to the fans as well as people playing the games.” – Jeremy , Florida State Seminole Alumi Association President


“You have an honest service for real people. Nothing flashy or gaudy, your changing the business for the better.” – Tim Unglesbee, Fox Sports Radio Las Vegas Host


“Tom Barton makes for great sports radio. His segment delivers every time, entertaining, straight-forward, new angles, original content, and unmatched information. Tom Barton is a must listen every time he appears for serious bettors and casual sports fans alike.” – Mike Barker – Program Director TribLIVE Radio, Pittsburgh


“Yes I’ve heard of him but it can’t be true. No one can win that much and that consistant and charge that little. Just can’t be true.” – A business rival commenting to a current client Ryan R. , Detroit


“Tom I’ve been tracking you and some of your competition and would like to share the results through April. David B.(from ___) -2800, VSI ( ___) -3570, Rob F. (____) -2365, TomBartonSports +910. The end result is your advice was far and above the others and I am not even able to play some of your first part games or it would be better.” – Michael H., PA , 5 month member


“We have heard about you over and over from some of our customers and heard your radio show. I have a bar here on Tropicana Ave. and I have been i Vegas for 22 years now. Handicappers seem to come and go, but I have never heard someone with your insight and education. It’s a pleasure to hear your show. Unfortunately I do not gamble anymore but next time your in Vegas please stop by, you have a good fan base here.” – Joey C. , bar owner, Las Vegas


“What other sports service would sponsor a youth soccer team? Thank you for all you gave to the team to travel to Norway, this really shows how much you are different from other money hungry services and scam. Thank you again you made their dreams come true!” – Sara G., Seattle, team Mother and sponsorship coordinator


“Tim please tell Tom Barton thanks so much for setting the record straight on Deon Sanders tonight. He’s absolutely right about how overrated he is and has been his whole career. He was overrated by the media because he was a good story. It had nothing to do with his ability on the field, only his ability to run his mouth. So kudos to Tom for standing up and telling it like it is, even after Ron spent 10 minutes gushing over his ability.” – Listener e-mail to 920 Fox Sports Radio, Las Vegas