Money Management

Money Management

Thank you for visiting. You have entered the Money Management and Level Play explanation page. We are confident you will be extremely impressed with our approach. Please take the time to read all about our strategy, and the way to maximize your profits.

Rated Plays

Not all plays are rated the same but every member gets all levels and all plays have been given equal time, research, and attention. This is where I differ from other sports services. They believe that all plays should be rated the same and/or they all have “guaranteed” picks, which means you would be putting your whole bank roll on one game or betting above your head. I think this is an unprofessional view of the business and you deserve better. Here is a simple breakdown of how I rate the plays and how to handle your investments. One thing I must stress is one investor is not another and this is only a guideline to help maximize your winnings. We stress that unlike other companies we do not, and never will, tell you how much to bet. We do however give you this outline:

5 –  Level 5 play. This is the ELITE play. Information for these plays comes around less than 5 times a year, you won’t want to miss these! This play requires special attention and has rock solid information. Whether it be an key injury, match up problem, or mistake line this play will be explained as so. A play like this we urge you to invest the most we advise on a play.

4 – Level 4 plays come up about two to three times a month. This is a game where the information is ahead of the public curve. Injury news, or past history match ups come into play with this selection. This play has extreme success that has been over 70% for over a decade now and should be treated as such.

3 – Level 3 plays are usually the play of the week. This is a high winning percentage play that you will want to pay close attention to. The best bet on the board comes from the research I will compile as well as information that I obtain throughout the week. This game should have more of an investment than your standard level two play.

2 – Level 2 plays are the standard play. This play is the best play of the day. I do hours of research daily and review and analyze every game, the level two plays will be the finished product of the days work. These plays hit over 53% (which is the profit number for bettors) and should be looked at as a solid investment, but just the play of the day.

1 – Level 1 plays are extremely rare. These are more for prop bets or futures and are not reflected in my records as they are “just for fun” plays.

Money Management

  • I urge you to be careful with your investments. Anyone who tells you to invest more than 50% on the games just does not understand the business, but this is a steady and rewarding process if you take time and follow my steps you will win money. Each leveled play should be looked at as increasing by each clients personal bankroll. It is your preference if you wish to be more or less aggressive and this is just a blueprint of suggested values.
  • Ideally on a level 2 game you should be betting about 2% of your bankroll. I do however understand that many bettors won’t be able to be that strict with their money.
  •  I will always be free to answer specific money management questions any client has if you send me an e-mail or call.
  •  If you are a new investor make a decision on how much you would like to allocate to begin your new venture. Usually 300 – 500 for a starting bank roll is a good number to set aside. Most though use a round number like 1,000 as the starting point. Remember if you’re starting off, you can certainly play smaller and begin with 100, but it’s advised you have a bigger overall allotment set aside.
  • I also advise that if a line is off by more than a point you decrease the level of the play, if the line is a level 2 play and moves more than a point and a half off the number then you should pull off the play as this would become a level 1 selection and thus virtually a no play.
  • One of the most important factors in long term success is consistency in the amount you’re investing. Stay with the same dollar amount until you increase your total bank roll by 50%. Once you reach that goal you then increase your wager amount to equal accordingly. Also when you begin if you start out losing a few games in a row do not reduce your wager amount, you will not win this way, this is the panic strategy. Whatever your beginning bankroll was stay with that percentage amount. You don’t want to reduce your wager amount, because that will hurt your overall profit margin and make it harder for you to recoup lost wages. This is a long term month to month program so don’t shy away after a few losses, stay with the program and you will do great!
  • Along with this strategy and our high winning percentage you will make money each month which we have done now in over 80% of months in existence. Again each investor is different and some may wish to scale this back to fit their needs while some may be more aggressive, both are ok but this is what has worked and been proven successful for me.