Future Plays

MLB Futures:

Corbin Burnes to WIN the Cy Young – +800 – (level 2) – Burnes is the ace that the Orioles needed and moving to a new league will only help him. He’s a voters ideal candidate with high K’s and he should get lot’s of wins. With Cole going down these are solid odds

Julio Rodriguez to WIN the MVP – +1000 – (level 2) – I have the Mariners in the playoffs and if they make it there it’s their starting pitching and Julio who will get them there. He is the most explosive bat and can run as well.

Wyatt Langford to WIN the MVP – +30000 – (level 2) – This is my huge long shot this year but forgive my excitement, but I see a lot of Mike Trout in his game. If Langford is what he has been his entire career and Texas is in the race again, we could see a rookie win this. At these odds I’m saying it’s worth the stab.

Baltimore Orioles to WIN the AL East – +200 – (level 3) – The Red Sox are a mess, Tampa lost their 3 best players, the Yankees could be in some serious injury trouble and Toronto can’t get it together. This team is young and won over 100 games and now they added an ace.

Baltimore Orioles to WIN the World Series – +1400 – (level 2) – All of the same thinking above

Philadelphia Phillies to WIN the NL East – +350 – (level 2) – Most people are picking Atlanta and for good reason but thus team is stacked and now healthy for a full season

College Basketball Futures
Yale Bulldogs to WIN the Ivy League + 180 – (level 3) –
The Bulldogs bring back the favorite to win player of the year in this conference as well as the conference’s defensive player of of the year. The Bulldogs have won 5 of the last 8 titles and this should be their easiest road of the decade.
Grand Canyon to Win the Wac + 150 – (level 2) –
Bryce Drew is building a dynamic team here and we should see another 20 win season. They return two starters, who might be the two best players in the conference. They are also deep and dangerous, at this price this is a great for a team who might crack the top 25.
NHL Future Plays
New Jersey Devils Over 107 wins – (level 2) –They are led by Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier, but this young team also has depth and that will show in the regular season. They might prove to be the best team in the league
Columbus Blue Jackets Over wins – (level 3) – They added Damon Severson and Ivan Provorov. They need to be 14 points better and I think they can double that number. This was a great offseason and a weaker division will help.
San Jose Sharks Under 67 wins – (level 2) – With Karlsson this team only 60 points, his departure left the team in shambles and they will be the worst team in the league

NFL Futures

Indianapolis Colts Under 6 1/2 wins – (level 3) –
The Colts are a walking nightmare. They drafted a QB, who almost everyone agreed needed a season on the bench to learn, yet they are starting him right away. Their star RB wasn’t in camp in late August, blasted the team, and demanded a trade. Their offensive line play has been down 3 years in a row and their best defensive player can’t stay on the field. This team might be making the first overall pick next season, you can forget about 7 wins.
Jacksonville Jaguars Over 9 1/2 wins – (level 3) –
I am not only buying the hype but I’m driving the hype bus. I have said since his first year in college that Trevor Lawrence was going to be an MVP in this league, and this might be the year. Add Ridley to a group of talented offensive weapons, and after watching Lawrence click at the end of the year, plus the weak division and this team is destined for great things. Over the last nine games of the regular season, Trevor Lawrence’s stats were incredible.  2,273 yards, 70% completion percentage, 15 TD, 2 INT, 104.6 passer rating. I even like their defense with Walker, Foye and company.
New Orleans Saints Over 9 1/2 wins – (level 2) –
I was hoping this number would dip to 9 but as it stands I don’t mind taking the over 9 1/2 at plus money where it sits now. The Saints are preseason favorites in 14 of their 17 games and should have one of the easiest schedules in the league. They face a slew of pretty inexperienced, if not flat out bad QBs, early in the season when they face Ryan Tannehill, Bryce Young, Jordan Love, Baker Mayfield, Mac Jones, & CJ Stroud in their first 6 weeks.
College Football Future Plays
UAB Blazers Under 5 wins – (level 2) –
The Blazers hired a name .. Trent Dilfer, and that’s great, but behind the name what we have is a brand new coaching staff, with nothing but high school experience. This team is also replacing all 5 offensive lineman and while QB play should be their strength under Dilfer, the question remains how will the QB be able to handle the pressure in his face. I can’t find 6 wins and would be the high school to college transition will be more difficult than most analysts are projecting.
UMass Minutemen Under 3 wins – (level 3) –
This team is not winning 4 games. Period. Last season the offense averaged 12 points per game, 2nd to last in the country and while some changes might happen they won’t get into a respectable area. They went 1-11 last year,  have just 3 wins in the last 4 seasons, 21 wins in 11 seasons and now 8 games are scheduled against teams that finished with winning records, while 7 played in a bowl game. In fact their one win was as a favorite, and I don’t expect that in more than one game this year. They covered in just 5 games of 12, and that one game they might be favored in will be against Merrimack who finished 1st in NEC. I have seen this as 2 1/2 wins at +105 which is tempting as well and still a play at a smaller level but give me the 3 for the high level.
NFL Draft Props
Over 3 1/2 WRs taken in the first round
Under 2 1/2 TEs taken in the first round
Under 4 1/2 QBs taken in the first round
NHL Futures
Boston Bruins to win Series vs. Panthers – – 300 – (level 3) – 7:00 pm – (April 17th) –
The Bruins just owned the regular season like no team we’ve ever seen and now they are only -300 to advance? I know laying 300 is a lot but this is actually value here on this team and their dominance thus year. The Bruins had consecutive regulation losses only once and ended the year winning 26 of its last 30 games. Boston tied the NHL record for road wins in a season with 31. The Panthers will be over powered defensively here and I’ll pay for the best team in recent memory to not have the biggest collapse in playoff history with a first round exit.
MLB Future Plays
Arizona Diamondbacks Team Total Over 75 Wins – (level 3) –
I am all over the DBacks this season. I like what they did to the bullpen and their young stars should provide just enough boost. I am not ruling out a wild card run for this team, who also might have the ROY and Cy Young on the squad.
Pittsburgh Pirates Team Total Over 65 Wins – (level 2) –
I know the Pirates are bad but I don’t see another 100 loss season. They have young exciting players, a good solid bullpen and starters with upside. I don’t need much from them and I can see 70+ wins.
Austin Riley Over 30 Home Runs – 170 – (level 3) –
I saw this on a few sites under “to hit 30 HR” and this is a reasonable price for a guy who will hit 40-45. Riley is still very young so people haven’t fully appreciated him yet. I expect him to destroy this number
Austin Riley to Win MVP – 20:1 odds – (level 2) –
These are just awesome odds and I can’t pass them up. Riley is in the heart of a loaded batting order, he is young, and has gotten better every season. My only concern is that Olsen and Acuna on his own team might take away votes.
Rowdy Tellez Over 26 Homer Runs – (level 2) –
Tellez has a legit shot at 40 bombs this year. After destroying the ball last season, the Brewers have said he will be in the lineup even more this year and he had one of the most unlucky hitting profiles last season on top of that. I don’t know if he hits 40, but 30 seems almost too easy
Anthony Volpe to win ROY – 25:1 – (level 2) –
I gave this one out before he got the call up, and while Gunnar Henderson scares me I’ll take my chances with Volpe and the star power he can be at the top of the Yankees lineup
NCAA Basketball Futures 
Creighton Blue Jays to Win the Big East + 160 – (level 3) –
The Jays are a team I was all over during the summer and then it seemed like the bandwagon loaded up and while the National Title odds have gone down I’ll still take them to win the conference. Nova lost Jay Wright and this team returns 4 of their 5 top scorers.
Michigan Wolverines to Win the Big 10 +450 – (level 2) –
The Wolverines bring their big man back in the weakest power 5 conference. I am not scared of Indiana and having the big man in the middle should be the difference in those tight conference games.
Kentucky Wildcats to Win National Championship – 12:1 odds – (level 2) –
The Wildcats were embarrassed in the tournament and I see a Virginia like revival here. They are maybe the most talented team in the country and now have a chip on their shoulders.
NHL Future Plays:
Edmonton Oilers to Win the Stanley Cup 15:1 odds – (level 2) –
The Oilers looked great last year and now have some deep playoff experience under their belts. McDavid is the best player in the world and this team finally got a goalie. These are great odds for a team this close
Connor McDavid to Win the Hart Trophy (MVP) 3:1 0ddds – (level 3) –
McDavid is simply the best player in the world and somehow getting better every year
NFL Future Plays
Pittsburgh Steelers Over 7 1/2 Wins – (level 3) –
Mike Tomlin has never finished under .500. Ever. This won’t be the year. I expect the Steelers to still be a top 5 defense and that alone can get you to 8 wins. Add to that I like Harris, Muth, and the receivers. It seems this line is so low because of the QB situation, but it was bad last year with an old Big Ben. They may not win the division but I’m banking on Tomlin and this dominant defense.
Minnesota Vikings Over 9 1/2 Wins – (level 2) –
The Vikings have a new coach and a new outlook, but it’s the same Bears and Lions that makes me see then at double digit wins. The Vikings schedule is fairly easy and I expect their division to be pretty bad. Cook, JJ, Theilan, Cousins and company still have skill all over the offense and then you get some key defensive players back making 10 wins very likely.
Philadelphia Eagles Over 9 Wins – (level 3) –
The Eagles added a ton on defense and AJ Brown. I don’t fully trust Hurts or Siriani but they have enough to win 10 games, especially with their first 4 games they will be the favorite in all of those and could get out to a nice 4-0 start.
Javonte Williams Over 6 1/2 Rushing TDs – (level 3) –
Javonte Williams Over 925 yards rushing – (level 2) –
Melvin Gordon said it himself that the coaches want Williams to grab the job and run with it, literally. Even a 5% bump in carries gives him 250 and that will be plenty. This is an explosive offensive situation with Wilson aboard and Williams had the 2nd highest broken tackle rate in the league last season. Not only do I see him beating both of these, he might be a top 5 RB by this time next year.
Najee Harris Over 1,150 yards rushing – (level 3) –
Harris will get carries again and could lead the league in rushing. Even if they take a step back from him he still will shoulder the load and this is a small number to beat. He was the only running back last year to get more than 70% of his teams snaps at RB and I expect heavy volume again. The Steelers will always be a running team and they will force feed their bell cow back yet again.
Trevor Lawrence Over 3,900 yards passing – (level 3) –
T-Law had maybe the worst coaching situation in NFL history last season and he looked bad. Here’s the thing though, he might have looked bad but to eclipse this number he only needs 20 more yards per game passing. They got him a new TE, new flashy and high priced receiver and there is no doubting his talent. I really like this play.
Nick Bosa to win defensive player of the year – 14:1 odds – (level 2) –
Bosa should have received more votes last season and with these odds I’ll be all over this. He is another year removed from an injury and his numbers should stack up with the best in the game. His sack numbers only tell half the story, he will be able to add to that with tackles that surpass most pass rushers and turnovers that can rival any.



Utah Utes to Win National Championship – 60:1 odds – (level 2) –

Let me be clear here I don’t think the Utes win the Natty, but at these odds if they make the College Football Playoff we can hedge all day. This is a perfect hedge chance and if they win opening night against Florida (they are -2) these odds will be about 30:1

Georgia Tech YellowJackets Under 3 1/2 wins – (level 4) –
The Jakcets are returning the fewest members of last year’s team in the ACC. They also have an absolutely brutal schedule where I can’t really find even 2 games where they will be favored. Against Western Carolina they will be. After that, at UCF, Ole Miss and at Georgia will all be huge underdogs. Then in the ACC maybe against Duke and Virginia and those both seem like losses to me.
Colorado Buffalo Under 3 wins – (level 3) –
The Buffalo are bad, like really, really bad. This team has a brutal schedule and the players just flat out have no chance to win 4 games. We might get a push but in this Pac 12 slate of games I can’t fine more than 1 win, so it gives us some cushion with a push. If this was 2 1/2 I’d still bet it but cautiously, at 3 I love it.


Milwaukee Brewers Over 88 Wins – (level 4) –

This number has been all over the road. I have seen it balloon all the way to 93, 90 and most places still have 88. I like them all. Milwaukee has the best pitching in recent memory with Burnes, Woodruff, Peralta going 1-2-3 and depth with youngsters like Ashby. They have a great close, very good setup man and their hitting is dangerous. Add that to a horrible division and we have a huge play.

Philadelphia Phillies Over 82 Wins – (level 3) –

Philly has plenty of pitching, an MVP in the lineup and made some good changes that should help this team. We are talking about only getting to .500 here

Willy Adames to win MVP – 50:1 Odds – (level 2) –

This might look weird but once Adames got away from The Trop he exploded. He complained over and over about not being able to see the ball there in Tampa and once he went to Milwaukee he became a different player, with MVP type numbers. If Milwaukee is as good as I think they will be then Adames will lead the way, and these are great odds.

Kyle Tucker to win MVP – 35:1 odds – (level 2) –

While all eyes are on Chicago, Los Angeles and New York the fact is there are multiple players who can cancel each others votes out. Tucker is in a position to be the best player on a potential first place team. That matters, if all clicks we are looking at a 40, maybe 50 home run hitter who can steal 20+ bases and have the counting stats to turn heads.

Brandon Woodruff Over 11 wins – (level 3) –

This goes with my love for the Brew Crew this year. He was very unlucky and should be his normal dominant self.

Kansas Jayhawks to WIN the National Championship – 18:1 odds – (level 2) – Kansas is absolutely stacked this year and I am stunned this line opened so high. Get this now before it falls as Kansas re-takes the lead as the Big 12’s elite team
Villanova Wildcats to WIN the National Championship – 14:1 odds – (level 2) – When Gillespe and Samuels decided to return that was all I needed to know from Nova. Jay Wright is fantastic and somehow too that shell of a team deep last season, now healthy and experienced I’ll ride this Nova team again.
Tennessee Vols to get to the Final 4 – 15:1 odds – (level 2) – Rick Barnes nation’s top point guard recruit and a another NBA 1rst rounder plus brings back four of his top seven scorers.
Purdue Boilermakers to WIN the Big 10 – 4:1 odds – (level 2) – All five starters are back and ready to go. That experience will be huge come March. They have the potential Player of the Year in Trevion Williams and a budding star in Jaden Ivey. This team will be really good. Also going in here for a National Title run
Florida State Seminoles + 600 to WIN the ACC – 6:1 odds – (level 2) – The ACC is down this year but Hamilton just keeps upsetting people in the Carolina triangle by his teams always in the hunt. He should be right there again and I’ll take him with these odds.
Colorado State Rams to WIN Mountain West – 10:1 odds – (level 2) – The Rams are well coached and come back with players that can take this to the next level. The Mountain West will have a down year and this is great value.
Harvard Crimson to WIN the Ivy League – 2:1 odds – (level 3) – Everyone is talking about Yale, but Harvard is the clear most talented team. Add that with the best coach and this is good value.
Florida Panthers to WIN the Stanley Cup – 22-1 odds – (level 2) – They have a superior goalie, depth, and a true scorer now. This team is being slept on and I like the big odds.
New York Islanders to WIN the Stanley Cup – 17-1 odds – (level 2) –
New York Islander to WIN the Metro + 275 – (level 2) – The Isles went to a game 7 and lost 1-0 to the Stanley Cup champs and did that without their captain and leading scorer. This could be their year to win it all, but definitely the Metro.
Connor McDavid to WIN the Hart Trophy (MVP) – +300 – (level 3) – McDavid won last year and will again here. He is becoming the Mike Trout of the NHL. last season he had 105 points, and might get to triple digits again.
Connor Hellebuyck (Jets) to WIN the Vezina Trophy – 10-1 odds – (level 2) – In just 45 games he showed us what he can do and I think he takes the next step up here. I wanted better odds, but the secret seems out.
Chicago Bulls Over 42 wins – (level 3) –
Denver Nuggets Over 47 wins – (level 3) –
Los Angeles Lakers Under 52 1/2 wins – (level 3) –
Utah Jazz Over 53 Wins – (level 2) –

NFL Futures

Najee Harris Over 7 1/2 TDs – (level 4) – Harris is now the bell cow back in an offense that love to run the ball. He should reach double digits fairly easily

Stephon Diggs Over 103 receptions – (level 3) – The Bills are a throw first team and Allen’s favorite receiver should see plenty of targets yet again

Tom Brady Over 36 TD passes – (level 3) – Tom is ageless and has the team to back it up again. Last season he said he was struggling with injuries and playbook issues early on, fully healthy Tom should get to 40+ TDs

Pittsburgh Steelers Over 8 Wins – (level 3) – Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season, even with Duck Hodges running the ship. he won’t have one this year.

Buffalo Bills Over 10 1/2 Wins – (level 2) – Buffalo looks to be on the ascend and I am a believer in Allen and company

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over 11 1/2 Wins – (level 3) – The Bucs are a complete team and face the 4th easiest schedule in the league.

Cleveland Browns Over 10 Wins – (level 3) – The Browns defense will be outstanding and their running game is elite. It’s a tough schedule but 10 wins should be fairly easy

Jacksonville Jaguars Over 6 Wins – (level 2) – My belief in Trevor Lawrence stems back to his college days and his weapons should help us all to see that carry over here to the NFL

Tom Brady to Win MVP – 10:1 odds – (level 2) – Mr. Ageless Wonder might have that one final splash season. At these odds I’ll bite.

Offensive ROY – Trevor Lawrence – 4:1 odds – (level 3) – I am fully buying into Lawrence and even took a long shot at him for MVP.

College Football Futures

Kansas Jayhawks Under 1 1/2 wins – (level 3) – This might be a new coach but the results will be the same this year. Kansas won’t win a Big 12 game and their 3 out of conference games are at Duke, at Coastal Carolina and against a tough South Dakota team.

Coastal Carolina Over 10 wins – (level 4) – This team should have went unbeaten last year and now they return 20 of 22 starters including most of the key positions. They will breeze through an unbeaten season here and even have the ability to take a loss or two and still not lose us money.

Cincinnati Bearcats Over 10 wins – (level 3) – Cincy’s defense will again be excellent and their offense is turning heads. The schedule is a little tougher than I’d like but I believe in their talent here.

Wisconsin Badgers Over 9 1/2 wins – (level 2) – This schedule is a joke and I’m all over it. They have the best O-line and should be able to do what they always do, run the ball down peoples throats.

Kentucky Wildcats Over 6 wins – (level 2) – Last year Kentucky had an impressive defense and had a top 10 hardest schedule in the country. This year they have the 84th hardest. Give me an over on a team everyone is sleeping on.

Wyoming Cowboys Over 7 wins – (level 3) – This is a down conference but Wyoming is solid. Their defense is fantastic and now they have a healthy QB.

Oklahoma Sooners to Win National Championship – (level 2) – 6:1 odds – What’s not to like? Lincoln Riley is a superstar coach, Spencer Rattler is the odds on favorite for the Heisman and they have a defense that last season allowed only 21 points per game and return 8 defensive starters. Alabama is returning just 3 starters, Ohio State is starting a QB who has never taken a college snap, and Clemson is replacing a generational talent, Oklahoma is set up better than anyone in the country.


NFL Draft Props :

Over 4 cornerbacks take in the 1st round – (level 4) – I love this prop. I see 6 going at least, so there is great value, and no chance at all only 3 go. Load up here!

Over 1/2 RBs selected in the first round – (level 3) –  One of the worst kept secrets in the NFL is the Steelers are choosing Harris, He will go in the first and we might have 2.

Over 5 1/2 QBs selected in the first round +350 – (level 2) – I’ll take the huge money back on the fact a 6th sneaks in late. Lots of teams need their future QB and Trask and Mills are getting some hype.

Kyle Trask Under 64 1/2 Draft pick – (level 3) – I believe Trask could go in the 1st round and he certainly will be a 2nd rounder. Teams with aging vets will take a stab on someone with his upside.

Davis Mills Under 74 1/2 Draft Pick – (level 3) – Same as above.

MLB Futures
St. Louis Cardinals to win the NL Central – +110 – (level 3) – The Cards have an ace, a solid bullpen, added Arenado and the rest of the division is selling off. This is a great bet.
New York Yankees to win the AL East – -300 – (level 2) – The Yankees division is weaker than it has been and while this bullpen can be a slight worry they still have the makings of a dominant lineup and added starters.
Miami Marlins to make the playoffs – 11:1 odds – (level 2) – Huge odds for a very talented starting pitcher group that could make the jump into elite this season. With a little hitting I can see this team making a push
Gerrit Cole to win Cy Young – 3:1 – (level 3) – Cole will be dominant and have the offense to back him up. he had a very good year last year even with some homer problems early on, he’ll fix that.
Vlad Guerrero to win the MVP – 25:1 odds – (level 2) – Big time odds on a player who has the makings of it all coming together. The Jays are playing in a tiny ballpark and he should have plenty of counting stats in a stacked lineup.
– Patrick Mahomes Under 21 rush yards – (level 4) – I’ve seen this as high as 21 1/2 and as low as 15 1/2. I am on this under but shop around. watching the Bills tape you can see Mahomes is still favoring that bad toe and he won’t be running much here.
– Travis Kelce Over 7 1/2 receptions – (level 3) – Kelce is 2nd right now in NFL history for most games with 7 catches and should feast here again. He didn’t have a great Super Bowl last year but that should only fuel him more and the Bucs safeties are banged up.
– Cameron Brate Over 2 receptions – (level 3) – I absolutely love the Bucs tight ends in this game where the Chiefs had issues all season containing them. Spagnola’s defense leaves the middle wide open and Brate has had more targets than Gronk for more than a month now.
– Rob Gronkowski Over 2 1/2 receptions – (level 3) – all of what I said above leaves plenty of chances for Gronk and Brate to both excel.
– Over 3 1/2 sacks for the game – (level 3) – a weakened offense line for the Chiefs will lead to some sacks, combine that with Mahomes and his bad toes and the Bucs might get here themselves.
– Devin White Over 9 1/2 tackles – (level 3) – White has been a man on fire and had 15 tackles last week and double digits before that. White should have a field day here.
Devin White Super Bowl MVP 60:1 odds – (level 2) – Which is why I like White out of anyone besides the QB’s. It might take a special play from the defense to rip the trophy away from the QB’s here and White can be that guy.
NCAA Basketball Futures
Gonzaga to win Championship 6:1 odds – (level 2) – Gonzaga has a great schedule out of conference and with Covid concerns that makes this a safe play to get at least to the Elite 8 and hedge.
Kevin Durant to win MVP 12:1 – (level 2) – I think the NBA wants Durant to win this award and the attention and stats should be there for him on his new Nets team.
Buffalo Bills Team Total Over 9 Wins – (level 3) – The Bills were my darling team last year and I think they’ll be even better this season. Miami is still bad, the Jets might be worse, and the Pats will be hurting to find their footing. Buffalo got better in the offseason and this D is stout.
Pittsburgh Steelers Team Total Over 9 Wins – (level 3) – This team went 8-8 with Duck Hodges leading the way last year. I think this is the best D in the NFL and Big Ben being back will be enormous.
Las Vegas Raiders Team Total Under 7 1/2 Wins – (level 2) – This Vegas schedule is just plain brutal. Vegas is still looking up as far as talent goes in this division and their schedule is a nightmare.
Defensive Player of the Year – TJ Watt – 8:1 odds – (level 2) – Watt just keeps getting better and better. He raised his sacks, INTs and fumbles last season and if he gets even a little better he can become the best player in the NFL on this side of the ball.
NFL MVP Josh Allen – 35:1 odds – (level 2) – Allen has a lot of Lamar in him. Is he Lamar Jackson, no of course not, but he can get to 25+ TD passes and add in 10 rushing his numbers will be MVP caliber.At these odds it’s worth the chance. Also take a stab at Buffalo to win it all at 40:1 level 2
Joe Burrow Over 3,749 yards passing – (level 3) – Burrow has all sorts of receiving options to throw to, a guaranteed starting job, an offensive head coach and his team will be behind and throwing often. This is a large number but for a reason.
Mark Andrews Over 64 receptions – (level 4) – Andrews caught 64 balls last year and now the Ravens dealt his TE competition. In camp reporters and scouts have been raving about his improvements. He’s the top option for Jackson and it’ll be that way again this year.
Mike Gesicki Receiving TDs Over 4 1/2 – (level 3) – Gesicki’s ability has never been in question and now he is a part of the system. He scored 5 TDs last season and that was at the end of the year. He is your next breakout TE and he might double this number.
MLB Futures 
Under most HR’s in a season 20 1/2 – (level 3) – last season in the first two months only Christian Yelich would have went over this number and he only hit 21. Cody Bellinger had a historic April yet only hit 20. I think lack of spring training and regiment will be hurtful to hitters early on. This is a solid prop play.
Under 21 1/2 wins Baltimore Orioles – (level 4) – Baltimore started the past two seasons 19-41 and now the O’s will be missing their best offensive player Trey Mancini. The league worst ERA last year only looks worse on paper again this season. And then they also play the brutal AL East and NL East. It’s possible the O’s will be an underdog in literally 90+% of their games.
MLB leader in Steals – Trea Turner – 9:1 odds – (level 2) – These are great odds for a guy who has the ability to steal 70 in a season. Turner is safer than Mondesi or a guy like Mallex Smith because his average and on base will be much better.
MLB MVP Shohei Ohtani – 28:1 odds – (level 2) – In a short season a two way player is just going to be what every sports writer drools over. Ohtani has been pushed and talked up and if he does well this is his award at these odds its too good to pass up.
NHL Futures (with new Corona playoff setup) 

Tampa Bay Lightning to win Stanley Cup – 7:1 – (level 3) –If you weren’t on Tampa before the year these are some good odds. There is no team more dangerous than Tampa in the league and when it all clicks they can’t be stopped. They will have plenty of motivation after last season and the break helps as they get healthy.

Play-in series prices

Toronto Maple Leafs -160 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets – (level 2) –this is a heafty price but the Leafs are the team that benefits the most from the layoff. This team will now be healthy and they get a decent price because this is not last years Blue Jackets.

Pittsburgh Penguins -200 vs. Montreal Canadiens – (level 3) – anything can happen in the playoffs but the Pens look like one of the best teams in the league and this should be a rather easy win

New York Rangers +130 vs. Carolina Hurricanes – (level 3) – This is almost too good to be true. The Rangers dominance over the Hurricanes is ridiculous. No matter the team or season they beat Carolina year after year. I’ll take that plus money.

NFL Coach of the Year 

Mike Tomlin 25:1 – (level 2) –

I am very big on the Steelers this season. They might have the best defense in the NFL and now with Big Ben back they can compete with the Ravens. Tomlin is always underrated and maybe this is the year. At 25:1 odds this is worth the gamble.

NFL Comeback Player of the Year 
Ben Roethlisberger + 500 – (level 3) – I like this one quite a bit. Gronk is the lead dog here but I just don’t see him making the impact a QB can who, if he leads his team to the playoffs, should be an easy win.
Rookie Player Prop Bets 
Joe Burrow OVER 22 TDs – (level 2) –I think Burrow has the skill players around him and should start all 16 games. Plus I expect the Bengals to be playing from behind giving him more chances to throw. 

Tua Tagovailoa UNDER 20 INTs – (level 5) –This is my biggest bet in a while. I don’t think he starts 16 games, which means he won’t have the turnovers, and he’s always been careful with the ball even if he does. Plus if he is throwing picks ever week I expect them to go back to Fitzmagic. I love this play all around. 
College Football Odds
Caesars’ has released their college football championship odds – 
Alabama Crimson Tide + 600 to Win NCAA Title – (level 2) – This is just great early odds with a chance to hedge if needed. While I like Clemson this season Bama should be back and with LSU expected to have a down year if they make the final 4 you can make cash. Plus with a shortened season, or at least camp, coaching will come to the forefront this year more than any other time. I don’t buy Florida as a contender and we all know the SEC bias which means even a 1 loss Bama will get in, heck even a 2 loss might.
Tom Brady odds regular season stats
Passing yards Over 4200 1/2 – (level 3) – Brady has completed more yards than this in 8 of the past 10 seasons and did it last season with no receivers. I am all over this as I think Tampa plays from behind more and Arians let’s Tom open things up with a great receiving core now. 
Rushing yards Over 19 – (level 4) –This number is surprising to me. Yes Brady is older now but he has a worse offensive line and will be scrambling (ie: running for his life) more than ever. Brady has rushed for more than this just about every season in his career but one and he will get closer to 30 than to not going over here. 
NBA FUTURES (released by FanDuel) 
the NBA futures have adjusted some since the CoronaVirus and the likelihood that there will only be a playoff and not the regular season.
– Milwaukee Bucks +250 – (level 2) – I’m re-buying into the Bucks here. I’m not sure they can beat the West’s best teams but I’ll be sitting with a +250 number. Giannis is the best player in the league and these are great odds for a weak East.
NFL FUTURES (released by Circa Sports) 
Patriots Over 8 wins – (level 3) – Even without Brady I don’t see this team falling apart and at worst this is a push
Bills Over 8 wins -(level 4) – I was very high on Buffalo last year and this offseason they only got stronger
Jets Over 6 wins (level 2) –The Jets will have a healthy Darnold and now are looking to add offensive line help
Eagles Over 9 wins – (level 2) – Philly was a MASH unit last year and now being totally healthy they should excel
College Basketball Futures 
Virginia Cavs + 275 to Win ACC – (level 2) –  Virginia has won two regular season ACC titles in a row and 4 of the past 6. This is great value.
Seton Hall Pirates + 450 to Win Big East – (level 2) – This team is a fun one to back this year. They have depth and seniors all over the place. 4 of their main 5 players return and this is a Big East that will be slightly down this year. In fact at 60-1 odds I’ll make a play on them to win it all. Myles Powell might be player of the year.
Kansas Jayhawks + 120 to Win Big 12 – (level 3) – I’ll keep riding this year after year and at plus money this is a gift.
Louisville Cardinals 16-1 odds to Win NCAA Championship – (level 2) – Chris Mack will lead this talented group deep this year and these odds show that the public isn’t aware how good they are and how good of a coach he is.
Final 4 picks – Louisville – Xavier – Michigan State – Kansas 
Keep and eye on an easy conference championship from Harvard and Vermont 
NBA Futures 
Indiana Pacers Under 48 Wins – (level 4) – Victor Oladipo is the great unknown, but even at full health I don’t think this will be close. Indiana also lost five of their top-seven scorers and five of their six minutes leaders.
Orlando Magic Over 41 1/2 Wins – (level 3) – The Magic earned a playoff spot last year and I wasn’t shocked. They are well coached and have disciplined players everywhere. Nikola Vucevic is a star and the rest of the team is largely unchanged. They make the playoffs again.
Toronto Raptors Under 46 1/2 Wins – (level 2) – They won 58 last year so how many wins is Kawhi Leonard worth? We have numbers to show how much. When wings leave – Jimmy Butler leaving Chicago was worth 14 wins and 11 with Minny. When Leonard left the Spurs they dropped 14 games. I’ll say that’s about right here, maybe more seeing how much he meant to this team.
LeBron James to Win MVP – 9:1 odds – (level 2) – This is all about LeBron’s ego. I think he can’t stand to be second fiddle and will take over the team in the 2nd half. His numbers will be bigger than ever and the league wants their biggest draw to win this.
Golden State Warriors to Win the NBA Championship – 10:1 – (level 2) – I don’t think this team is dead yet and once they add Klay at playoff time I can see the same old coming through.
Boston Celtics to Win the NBA Championship – 25:2 – (level 2) – This is the team everyone was picking to win the East last year, but Kyrie Irving oddly derailed that. I am a big Kemba Walker fan and he fits Stevens system like a glove. This is worth the large odds.
Kansas City Chiefs to WIN Super Bowl – 10:1 odds – (level 3) – (in season) Mahomes was just ruled out for a few weeks but this is the time to buy. All reports are he will be fine by the playoffs and now we get the preseason Super Bowl favorite at 10:1 odds. This is a buy on.
Chicago Bears to WIN Super Bowl – 14:1 odds – (level 2) – I liked this a lot better at 18:1 odds when it opened up and it’s been heavily bet but I still have to stick with this team. The D is for real, another year under Nagy and I think the offense with Robinson at full health, Monty and Trubisky’s growth gets them here. 
DeShawn Watson to WIN MVP – 18:1 odds – (level 2) – Watson has no O-line but he certainly has some receivers. Stills has now been added to Hopkins, Fuller and Coutee and he also added a pass catching RB. He has all the weapons at the skill positions and just needs some time to work.
Matt Ryan to WIN MVP – 30:1 odds – (level 2) –We’ve seen this before. An older QB gets a perfect situation. The offensive line is very good, Ridley has a year under his belt, Freeman is healthy and of course Julio. But Ryan also will have only two games in “bad” weather spots and that’s in Charlotte and San Fran.
David Montgomery to WIN Offensive ROY 15:1 odds – (level 2) –The Bears want to run and Nagy will feed Monty all day. If Chicago is as good as I think he should stand out ahead of a few spotlight QB’s.
Pittsburgh Steelers to WIN AFC North + 155 odds – (level 3) – This was all the way up to +185 at points this summer with people going Browns crazy. Big Ben owns the Browns and this division and I’m not sure they are ready to let go of that title. What I am sure of is this is great value to find out.
Atlanta Falcons to WIN NFC South  3:1 odds – (level 2) –I am high on the Falcons this year and think they have a shot at a Super Bowl. The Saints are tough but I wonder if they can sustain after two heart wrenching endings to their seasons.
Chicago Bears to WIN NFC North + 150 odds – (level 3) –I am obviously all over Chicago this year and I think they can win 11-12 games which gets the division.
Buffalo Bills OVER 6 1/2 wins – (level 4) –I really like the Bills this season. I know it’s becoming a tough division but I see them at .500 with an outside shot at the playoffs.
Chicago Bears OVER 9 wins – (level 4) – I can’t see 8 wins and think 11+ is more reality so this is a big bet for me
Tennessee Titans Under 8 1/2 wins – (level 3) – This is a brutal schedule with a team who is already missing key pieces early on and a tough division.
Indianapolis Colts OVER 7 wins – (level 4) – This is a massive overreaction. I love Andrew Luck but this is a team with a dominant O-line, good RB, talents receivers and a top 5 defense who improved and has a good young head coach.


Boise State to Win Mountain West – Even money – (level 4) –Boise’s defense will be the best in the conference and while I have some worries about the QB play after Rypien left their running game will be stout once again.
Baylor to Win Over 7 games – (level 2) – I like this Baylor team and their QB is dynamic. 8 wins seems very likely and 9 wins isn’t crazy
Army Black Knights Win Over 8 games – (level 4) – The Knights have such an easy stretch here that a 10 win season should be more in their wheelhouse and I just can not see 7 wins in any way.
Wisconsin Badgers to Win Big 10 West – + 300 – (level 2) – Wisky or Nebraska will win this and I’ll take the big odds here.
Utah Utes to Win Pac 12 South – – 180 – (level 3) – Utah could be in the playoff at the end and this D is talented enough to win this division with ease.
MLB Futures
New York Yankees win World Series – 8:1 odds – (level 3) – The Yankees won 100 games last year and lost Judge for a time and Severino didn’t look good, now they added veteran help and I expect them to dominate with the bullpen.
Aaron Judge MVP – 10:1 odds – (level 2) – I expect Judge to be an absolute beast this year and the only thing stopping me from loading up here is the man in Anaheim. Judge was hurt last year and had a slump the year before, wait until he stays healthy and locked in.
Washington Nationals to win World Series – 18:1 odds – (level 2) – I have Turner as my MVP because I think this team regroups after Harper. Soto, Rendon and Turner will be enough offense and when you have Stras and Mad Max in a sort series they are a live play.
Aaron Judge to lead MLB in home runs – 10:1 odds – (level 2) – This one is good value for the above reasons.
Trea Turner MVP – 60:1 odds – (level 2) – If Trea hits over 300 with 60+ steals and 20+ homers this isn’t that bad of a long shot.
Trevor Bauer CY Young 15:1 odds – (level 2) – Bauer was a leading Cy candidate before he went down, give me him in a weak division
Baltimore Orioles Over 51 wins – (level 3) – They just can’t be this bad. I always seem to say that but this year I really like this bet
Cincinnati Reds Over 80 wins – (level 3) – this offense is great, the bullpen is solid and now they have some pitching
Tampa Bay Rays to make the playoffs
NBA Futures 
Utah Jazz Over 49 1/2 wins – (level 2) – I know the West is tougher this season but Utah is just a very impressive team that flies under the radar. This could be the year it all comes together but even if it doesn’t 50 wins is probable.
Milwaukee Bucks Over 47 1/2 wins – (level 3) – The Greek Freak may be my favorite player in the league and he is starting to get some help. In a depleted East watch Milwaukee become a team others fear … the Deer.
Brooklyn Nets Over 32 wins – They are rebuilding but man do they have some potential. This is a team that is certainly on the rise and if the talent ever reaches it’s potential we could be talking about a solid 5-6 seed. If it doesn’t I still see 35-40 wins.

NFL Future Plays 

Chicago Bears Over 6 1/2 wins – (level 4) – This is all about a new coach and new commitment to the team. The additions of Robinson, Burton and more free agents was huge but Khalil Mack sends this to a level 4 for me.
– New Orleans Saints Over 9 1/2 wins – (level 3) – I love what the Saints are doing which is going fully for it this year. There really just isn’t a hole on this team and I think they might win 12-13 games.
New England Patriots Over 11 wins – (level 3) – This might be a push but I just can’t see 6 losses. A 10-6 record in Foxboro would be a hugely disappointing year
Jacksonville Jaguars Over 9 wins – (level 3) – I know Blake Bortles is a mess but I just can not see this team only going .500. In fact with slightly better QB play they might be the best team in the NFL
Jacksonville Jaguars to Win the SuperBowl – 20:1 odds – (level 2) – These are just great odds for the best defense in the league
New Orleans Saints to Win the SuperBowl – 16:1 odds – (level 2) – So close last year, a solid coach, great QB, depth and finally a D
DeShaun Watson to win the MVP – 16:1 odds – (level 2) – 10 of the last 11 MVP’s have been QB’s. We saw a glimpse of what Watson can do and if he can be close to that this is great value.

College Football Future Plays : 

– Boston College Total Wins OVER 5 1/2 – (level 4) – 
– FAU Total Wins Over 9 – (level 3) – 
– Florida State Total Wins Over 7 1/2 – (level 3) – 
Michigan Wolverines + 400 to Win the Big 10 – (level 2) – Urban’s distraction, Shea’s addition, maybe a combination of both but I like how all roads seem to be leading to Harbaugh finally living up to his hype … and the price is right.
Boise State – 175 to Win the Mountain West – (level 3) – Not only do I think Boise wins the Mountain West, I think they can go unbeaten. Rypien is ready to lead this team and with an amazing secondary they should roll.
Florida Atlantic – 130 to Win the USA Conference – (level 3) – Speaking of unbeaten. I believe this team is ready to challenge for a New Years day 5 spot. Great coaching, great running game and speed to spare.
Washington 15:1 to Win the National Championship – (level 2) – I think they win the Pac-12 even with 1 loss. They have a veteran QB, dynamic ground game, one of the top coaches in the country and a winable division. At this price I like them.

MLB Futures Plays 

Trea Turner to win MVP – 50:1 – (level 2) – Turner might be the most exciting player in baseball and with all the homers flying out someone who steals 60+ bases and leads the league in runs with a great average is worth this price.
Aron Judge to win MVP – 18:1 – (level 2) – I believe! I know the Yankees are stacked and he might get overshadowed by Stanton I still expect huge numbers and he can actually improve.
Joey Gallo to hit most HRs – 30:1 – (level 2) – Sure this might come with an Adam Dunn like 230 average but no one has more power. Gallo crushes the ball and if he gets full time play for a team that won’t compete why not swing away.
New York Yankees to win World Series – 6:1 – (level 3) – Talk about the hitting all you want but this is all about a bullpen that I don’t think can be beat
Washington Nationals to win World Series – 9:1 – (level 3) – This is fools gold every year but the window is closing fast here but with Max and Strasburg one one side and Harper and Trea on the other they have as much talent as anyone. Can this be the year?
New York Mets Over 81 wins – (level 3) – I never seem to like the Mets and everyone is down on them this year and I am up. Ok maybe not too up but .500 should be within grasp
Minnesota Twins Over 82 wins – (level 3) – This team is young and added some interesting pieces. In the weakest division they’ll get a ton of easy wins
San Diego Padres Over 69 wins – (level 3) – really hard division but I like what this team is doing. Very good bullpen, solid hitters, quality fielders it’s the rotation that worries me but they should get 70+
Washington Nationals Over 92 wins – (level 3) – Regular season shouldn’t be a problem for them in a weak division

NCAA Basketball Championship Futures 

Kansas Jayhawks – 14:1 Odds – I like to take futures play of some assured things. I know Kansas will win the Big 12 (they have for more than a decade) which means I know they will be a #1 or #2 seed. Give me that and a solid coach with these odds anyday.
Villanova Wildcats – 25:1 Odds – Here we go again. Yes I love Nova but I’m not a fan just love the value. This team has a top coach, maybe the best point guard in the country and a red shirt freshman big man. The Big East will be brutal but that’s a positive as this team will be tested and ready come tournament time.

NBA Futures 

New York Knicks Under 30 wins – (level 3) – Melo is gone, this team is a mess from the front office to the court and 2nd and 3rd string people being starters won’t work yet again.
Los Angeles Lakers Under 33 wins – (level 2) – Sure the Lakers are suddenly watchable again but in a real tough Western Conference being watchable and being winnable are different. Overhyped
Milwaukee Bucks Over 46 wins – (level 3) – The Greek Freak is the best young player in the league and their core is young and hungry. Add this all with a weak Eastern Conference and Milwaukee will be fun
San Antonio Spurs Under 56 wins – (level 4) – Leonard is banged up, they lost a ton of talent and coach Pop is more interested in politics than championships it seems. They fall off here
****There is no value in taking Golden State or Cleveland to win the series so I’ll stay clear****

NFL Future Plays 

Atlanta Falcons to Win Super Bowl – 12:1 odds – (level 2) – I know all about the Super Bowl handover but it’s hard for me to not look at the most talented team in the league, in a weakened NFC and not like these odds.

Atlanta Falcons to Win NFL South – + 175 – (level 3) – For all the same reasons above I think they take this division.

Atlanta Falcons to Win Over 9 games – (level 3) – Yup I like Atlanta this season.

Pittsburgh Steelers to Win AFC North – -200 – (level 3) – This is as much about the lack of quality in the division as it is the Steelers themselves. The Ravens are banged up, the Bengals defense is a mess, and the Browns are well … the Browns.

Tennessee Titans + +180 to Win AFC South – + 180 – (level 3) – I love this Titans team.I actually threw a few bucks on them to win it all at crazy odds after the big game to Win the Super Bowl 50:1. Mariota doesn’t make mistakes, their running game is great, they now have added weapons. This defense should be good enough to hold up.

Seattle Seahawks to Win NFC West – -240 – (level 3) – Once again this is a lot about the inefficiency of the Rams, Niners, and health of the Cards as much as it is the Hawks. I love Wilson healthy and think their D has one more prime year.

Baltimore Ravens Under 9 Wins – (level 3) – Too many injuries for this team to be taken serious.

New York Jets Under 4 1/2 Wins  – (level 4) – There is no way this Jets team wins 5 games, maybe not 3, heck maybe not 1. I’m honestly not sure they even want to win games.

College Football Futures 

Wisconsin Badgers to Win Big 10 – (+400) – (level 2) – I am really high on this Wisky team and avoiding most of the big boys in the conference should get them to at least the title game. Once in that game against the obvious favorite you can hedge or ride with this great value.

Wisconsin Badgers to Win Big 10 Leaders – (+175) – (level 3) –  

Washington Huskies to Win Pac 12 – (+250) – (level 2) – Everyone loves Darnold and USC or Rosen and UCLA but it was Browning who was the all conference first team QB last season and the Huskies playing in the football playoff. With these odds I’m betting on Petersen

Alabama to Win SEC – (-150) – (level 4) – This seems like free money. Look the Tide may not be a team I like or back up usually but they should cruise in the now weakened SEC.

Florida State to Win ACC – (+110) – (level 4) – Somehow no one is talking about the best defense in the country. FSU has the best safety, corner, and two of the best defensive lineman in the country. I think the offense can be good enough but it’s the D that should beat teams up.

Florida State to Win National Championship – (+900) – (level 2)  – 

Sam Darnold to Win the Heisman – (+400) – (level 2) – I am a big believer in Darnold and with the hype USC is getting he can slip up a little and still win this

Navy Midshipman to Win Over 7 games – (even money) -(level 3) – The Midshipman don’t rebuild they reload and this team looks really loaded this year. We know they can run the ball and the new QB can even go downfield. Navy should get 7 but could ease into 9-10.


MLB Futures 

Houston Astros to win World Series 15:1 odds – (level 2) – Look the reality is I think the Indians are the best team in the AL but these odds are so hard to pass up. I expect the young guys to take a step up, McCullers healthy will be huge and the additions are vets that will help.

For the NL side of things it’s hard to go against the Cubs but at just 4:1 odds why touch it. Washington will be tough, San Fran and LA will be there but if you want great value try the Rockies 50:1 odds.

Dansby Swanson to win NL Rookie of the year – 4:1 odds – (level 3) – This is one of those players that the writers who vote on this award drool over. “He does the little things” which won’t get overlooked. An all around player on an up and coming team, in a new stadium and already has 129 at bats.

Corey Kluber to win AL Cy Young – 12:1 odds – (level 2) – I know everyone is drooling over Sale but Kluber’s team is stacked and he has a dominant pen to keep his leads. I expect close to 20 wins and top 3 in K’s that’ll be enough to secure this award.

Colorado Rockies Over 79 Wins – (level 4) – Well this is my team this year. The Rockies have as good of an offense as anyone and now that Story is healthy it only adds to it. What I like though is a pitching guru takes over as manager and Gray, Chatwood, and Anderson will benefit but don’t overlook a suddenly stacked bullpen either.

Tampa Bay Rays Under 78 1/2 Wins – (level 3) – What have we seen this offseason to believe this team would be 10 games better than last year? Add in the impending Chris Archer deal or another arm and I am take way under here.

Minnesota Twins Under 75 1/2 Wins – (level 3) – Once again what has anyone seen to think these Twins take the leap? Their bullpen is awful and awful would be a nice word for their starting pitching.

Futures Play 
Gonzaga to win WCC Tournament 1:3 odds – (level 3) – after they lost to BYU you have to think this team will be fired up and angry to play. Only St. Mary’s and BYU are even a challenge here and there is no way they don’t get revenge on BYU while they have handled St. Mary’s twice already

NCAA Futures –

Duke Blue Devils to Win NCAA Championship – 4:1 odds – (level 2) – Duke is loaded and this might be the most talented team under coach K which is saying something. Nothing fancy this year as the best team should run the table.

Kansas Jayhawks to Win Big 10 Conference – Even money – (level 4) – Death, taxes and Kansas winning the Big 10. I have made money on this every year for about a decade now and certainly won’t stop now.


Pre NBA Finals – Warriors to beat Clevelans – 260 – (level 3) – Warriors may not lose a game this Finals and no game may get within 10 points. I’ll say Cleveland steals on game but either way Golden State cruses

San Antonio Spurs to Win NBA Championship 10:1 odds – (level 2) – Look I know how good Golden State is but there is value in the Spurs. I still think they have 2 of the top 10 best players in the NBA and the best coach in the sport. Give me the value.
Golden State Warriors to Win NBA Championship 1:2 odds – (level 3) – Terrible odds but I don’t care as this team will dominate all season with the addition of KD
Cleveland Cavs – 205 to Win Eastern Conference – ( level 4) – Who else is there? Boston could be fun but they aren’t ready yet and Toronto is tough but without a James injury the Cavs make it back, hell even with a James injury they might!
Memphis Grizzlies Over 42 Wins – (level 3) – Marc Gasol and company just own the regular season. This Memphis team has been very constant year to year closing in on 50 wins again is just plain smart money.
Orlando Magic Over 37 1/2 Wins – (level 2) – The Magic signed some key members and had a team that was on the rise before that. Young and fun to watch this team gets to 40 wins.

NFL Football Futures 

Seattle Seahawks to Win the SuperBowl – 8:1 odds – (level 2) – I love Seattle this year despite the offensive line issues. Wilson looked like a man possessed in the new offense and it should continue here with a solid as usual D.

Arizona Cardinals to Win the SuperBowl – 12:1 odds – (level 2) – The Cards are so tempting to run away with the league but Palmer in the playoffs is always a worry. That say a healthy HoneyBadger makes all the difference and add in the pass rushers they added this team is stacked and them or Seattle will get a home field game.

Russell Wilson to Win the NFL MVP award – 9:1 odds – (level 2) – Wilson was insane last year late when they finally opened up the offense. Add in Lockett’s explosiveness and anything from Graham and he should thrive. 

Green Bay Packers to Win the NFC North – -300 odds – (level 3) – Chicago is all banged up and a year or two away, Detroit lost their best player and Minnesota is without a QB. This is Green Bay’s division with ease.

Carolina Panthers to Win the NFC South – – 240 odds – (level 3) – The Panthers might have lost Norman but this team just has talent galore all over the field. The Saints have no D, neither does Atlanta and Tampa is a year away.

Jacksonville Jaguars to Win Over 7 1/2 games – (level 2) – I’ve been high on Jacksonville for a while and if you watched that offense you know why. Now add in massive defensive upgrades and Ivory this team gets to .500

New York Jets to Win Over 7 1/2 games – (level 3) – What’s not to like here. 26 TD’s between two WR’s, an all-pro QB, Matt Forte running the ball and possibly the best defense in the league. A tough schedule but I see close to 10 wins.

San Francisco 49ers to Win Under 6 games – (level 4) – And the #1 pick in the draft belongs to … ok well maybe Cleveland but the Niners are really bad. Gabbert is better than Kaep but what’s that saying. They take on Seattle and Zona 4 times, Rams twice and might now get a single win in division. 

College Football Futures 

Alabama Crimson Tide Over 10 wins – (level 5) – I am no fan of the SEC, no fan of Alabama but I know a winner when I see one. The Tide would have to lose 3 games for this to go under. Sure you might push in a very bad season for the Tide but 11 wins seems likely and at worst a push.

Houston Cougars to win American Conference – 1:1 odds – (level 4) – The Cougars schedule just works perfectly this season. Sure they have a tough non conference opener but that doesn’t matter for the conference and even with one loss in conference they should still play for the title game.

Washington Huskies to win Pac 12 – 4:1 odds – (level 2) – The schedule makers just smiled upon this team this year. They also played a ton of freshman and soph’s last season so the development, schedule and QB play will all be a nice underdog winner.

LSU Tigers to win SEC – 3:1 odds – (level 2) – Basically this bet is against Alabama who has a freshman QB, two brand new RB’s, a ton of new faces in other places and will have to travel down to the Bayou.

Florida State Seminoles to win National Championship 13:1 odds – (level 2) – This team is absolutely stacked. Sure they lost some talent but Cook is back and healthy, the defense looks as strong as ever and the QB that is taking over has ore talent than the original starter. Great odds here and they get Clemson at home.

Dalvin Cook to win Heisman 12:1 odds – (level 2) – Cook was better than Fournette last year when he was healthy. In a banged up season with a gimpy leg Cook was still a beast. If FSU is as good as advertised he will be the reason why and the stats will be eye popping.

NBA Futures –

(Remember we still have the Celtics and Heat Pending Futures)

Golden State Warriors to lose Under 6 1/2 games in the playoffs – (level 4) – This one is simple for me, I just can’t see this team losing 7 games in the playoffs unless they really are unfocused early. If you believe in what the Warriors have done this year this is a no brainer but even if you think the Spurs beat them that’s 4 losses, try and find me 3 more in the two rounds prior.

MLB Futures

Houston Astros to win the World Series  16:1 odds – ( level 2) – I called this run of the Astros a few years ago and love this teams makeup. Think about how good they were last year and now they added Giles, get Correa for a full season, Springer will develop and Gomez is going to thrive. Houston’s time is now.

Chicago Cubs to win the World Series 4:1 odds – (level 2) – look I know it’s been 100 years and I know they are the favorites but who doesn’t want a ticket on this powerhouse team. It’s worth a small shot even just to root for them

Arizona Diamondbacks Over 83 wins – (level 4) – I would have taken this bet before the additions. I love a great defensive team with stars like Goldschmidt and Pollack and now you add Greinke and Miller to the mix. They may win 92 and make this an easy win.

Detroit Tigers 4:1 odds to win AL Central – (level 2) – The Tigers still have Miggy and Verlander, they added Zimmerman and Upton and have an owner who will spend and spend. This is good odds considering those factors.

Nolan Arenado to hit the most HRs  23:1 odds – (level 2) – Arenado plays in Colorado and the thin ari, hit 42 last year and is young and getting better. This is all about fantastic value.

NCAA Conference Tournament Picks (for those that like Futures plays) 

Villanova Wildcats + 120 to win Big East Tournament – (level 3) –
I thought long and hard about taking the great odds with a hot team like Seton Hall but the reality is that in the preseason I loved this Nova team and they have shown they are easily the class of this conference. Losing to Xavier late in the year should only fuel them here.

San Diego State Aztecs + 120 to win Mountain West Tournament – (level 3) –  I follow the Mountain West very closely and while you have the Boise, New Mexico and Fresno backers anyone who has watched knows how much better this Aztecs team is that the field. I’m getting a solid price here.

Virginia Cavs + 300 to win ACC Tournament – (level 3) –
Not only do I think Virginia is the best team in the ACC, I might say they are the best team in the country. I love this defense and they are battle tested and battle tested with success. The odds are too good to pass up.

College Basketball Futures 2015-2016 

Villanova Wildcats to win National Championship – 28:1 odds – (level 2) – I took this Nova team last year and was rewarded with a great regular season, a top seed in the tournament and then a disappointing big exit early in the field of 64. This year the core is back and Wright has a ton to prove. I’ll take my chances with a team that very well could be a #1 or #2 seed again at these odds.

Villanova to win Big East – 110 odds – (level 3) – Same as above

Wichita State Shockers to win National Championship – 30:1 odds – (level 2) – This is a team that has gone to the Sweet 16 in 3 of the past 4 years and have two of the top 10 players in the country on their squad. They know the window is closing fast but have two experienced and talented playmakers, a seasoned head coach, and should have another clear path to the Sweet 16 and this year with no powerhouses in front of them could be the year of the Shocker, both literally and figuratively.

Wichita State Shockers to win MVC Conference – -210 odds – (level 4) – same reasons as above and while Northern Iowa is always a threat this is the shockers year as they go for their 3rd straight.

Kansas to win Big 12 – – 120 odds – (level 3) – This is pure history. Well not pure as I also think they have the best coach and best players but you can’t argue with the insane history of dominance Kansas has. Kansas has won 11 straight titles so let’s make it a dozen.

Harvard Crimson to win Ivy League +160 odds – (level 3) – This is not my usual Harvard to win the Ivy’s level 4 play which it’s been in recent years but I still think that the best coach has enough talent to win this year.

NBA Futures Plays :

Boston Celtics Over 41 1/2 Wins – (level 4)  – Brad Stevens has made the transition into the NBA seamless and while the Celtics might not have that one star player they have great depth and certainly great coaching, add in the weakness of the East and this is a solid play.

Sacramento Kings Over 30 1/2 Wins – (level 2) – The roster screams dysfunction but it also screams talent. While I am not thinking this Kings team will be anything special I do think that talent wins out most nights and they can get to this reasonable number.

Dallas Mavericks Under 38 1/2 Wins – (level 3) – This Dallas team is old, beat up, and in a tough West headed in the wrong direction. One thing to note will be if they are losing at the end you know Mark Cuban understands losing to get a better draft pick is the way to go.

New York Knicks Under 31 1/2 Wins – (level 2) – New York is a mess and Melo can’t fix all these problems. Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson did little to nothing in the offseason to rebuild this roster and Vegas thinks they will be 17 wins better? I say they are back in the top 10 in the draft.

Los Angeles Lakers Under 30 Wins – (level 2) – If someone told me Kobe would play every game and be healthy this season I’d still be taking this under but we all know he won’t be. They have some nice young talent but they are the thinnest team in the league and once Kobe misses time they could be the worst team in the NBA.

Miami Heat to Win NBA Championship 40:1 Odds – (level 2) – For the record I have the Cavs winning it all this year but getting only 2:1 odds on Cleveland is lunacy. Miami is that team no one sees coming and may actually have a sub pat regular season but I like Whiteside, love Wade come playoff time and think they are deep enough to contend. At these odds this is worth the shot.


Colts to win Superbowl – (level 2) – 9:1 odds – I fully expect Indy to have the best record in the AFC and anyone traveling to the dome facing an ascending Andrew Luck will be in trouble. This is the year they take the next step.

Colts to win AFC South – (level 3) – 1:4 odds – Jacksonville? Come on. Tennessee? May be the worst team in the league. Houston is their only worry and they have a new QB, inexperienced coach, lost their star WR and now star RB is down. Enough said.

Chiefs to win AFC West – (level 2) – 5:1 odds – I know Andy Reid can coach, I like Alex Smith, he has weapons in Charles, Kelce and now Maclin with a great defense this team is flying under the radar

Total Team Wins

Tennessee Titans Under 5 1/2 wins – ( level 2) – Rookie QB, uninspiring receivers and RBs, bad o-line, and even worse defense

San Francisco 49ers under 6 wins – ( level 4) – Possibly the worst offseason I’ve ever seen a franchise endure but I wasn’t on board even before that. Losses all over the field and no leadership make them a top 5 draft pick

Carolina Panthers to win SuperBowl – (level 2) – 41:1 – Giving this out on July 26th is quite the risk but why not take a team that looked red hot at the end of the year with these odds.

College Football Futures Plays  :

Boise State Broncos Over 10 Wins – (even money) – (level 4) – This is my biggest play of the year. I love what Boise has this season and should go unbeaten in the conference they also play a banged up Washington team and can very well go 12-0.

Wisconsin Badgers to Win the Leaders Division (Big 10) – (+ 300 )– (level 2) – great value for what I think is easily the best team. Sure they lost a lot of talent but this defense is mainly in tact and they produce excellent runners year after year.

Florida State Seminoles to Win the ACC – (+ 250 ) – (level 3) – I am once again very high on Florida State. This team gets no respect year after year and people buying into Clemson just haven’t paid attention to the ACC. Give me the best team at a solid price. (I am also recommending throwing a level 2 play on FSU to win it all at the current 25:1 odds as well)

Michigan State to Win the National Championship – (20:1) – (level 2) – I know everyone loves Ohio State but the Spartans have arguably the best defensive player in the conference and I am a huge fan of a seasoned QB that has his best games when it counts. It would be very easy to pick Alabama, Ohio State or one of the favorites here but these are good odds.

Heisman Trophy Winner – Leonard Fournette – LSU – (13:1) – (level 2) – I think LSU wins the SEC and has a good shot at the National Title if they do it will be on the back, and legs, of Fournette. He is the most talented runner in college and will have to do it against great defenses but he has all the makings at this price to make it worth while. (I would have loved to take Connor Cook here at 25:1 but I doubt he gets the consistent stats)

Futures Plays –

Golden State Warriors – 220 Series Price to Win NBA Championship – (level 3)

MLB Futures Plays :

Nats 6:1 to win WS – (level 3) – I have picked the Nats two years running and now with Mad Max aboard I will take another stab. Bad odds and they burned me twice already but there is just massive talent to suck me in.
Pirates 20:1 to win WS – (level 2) – They don’t have that premiere staff but Gerritt Cole should make a big leap this year, they have a great bullpen and maybe the best OF in the league. These odds are great for a team that has steadily progressed.

Marlins 40:1 to win WS – (level 2) – I took this play when I was at the Westgate back in December and still love it. I don’t think they win the division but in a short series with Jose Fernandez back and the addition of Latos this is outstanding value.

Yankees 5:1 – to win Al East – (level 2) – The Yankees can certainly fall hard this year with injuries but at this price I’ll take a stab. What we know is if they are close they will be buyers and the East is wide open.

Carlos Santana Over 21 Home runs – (level 4) – I had to double check this one 3 or 4 times. Santana has been stuck behind the plate for his career so far and now he won’t have to deal with that, or the subsequent days off it brings. He hit 27 bombs last year and only 6 after the first 50 games when he was being shuffled at catcher. A whole year at 1B and 30 is in range for sure.

Hunter Pence under 158 1/2 hits – (level 2) – Pence will miss the first month plus and that should hurt this total. Pence had 156 hits two years ago healthy and in 162 games had 178 last year. He should miss 20-30 games this year and that will hurt this total.

Brian McCann over 21 home runs – (level 2) – He has 20 or more homers in 7 straight years. Short porch at Yankee Stadium and track record I’ll take the over.

Max Scherzer over 14 1/2 wins – (level 4) – I’m really not sure why this is so low. I think Max wins 20 this year and although it’s a new league the team should be among the best in baseball. He has won 18 and 21 games the past two years and before that 15 and 16. One of the best bets for me.

Gerritt Cole Over 11 1/2 wins – (level 4) – I believe this is the year Cole takes that next step and asking for 12 wins is not a lot. He could be in line for close to 20 if things break right. Cole has won 10 and 11 each of the last two years but has only started 19 and 22 games. With full health this is a layup.

Conference Tournament Future Plays

Big 12 – Baylor Bears + 600 – (level 2) – This is just great odds for a team who is red hot entering the tournament with a huge rebounding advantage.

Big East – Villanova Wildcats – 130 – (level 3) – the Cats are the clear best team in the conference and may soon prove to be the best in the country. This is a reason price to pay.

Mountain West – San Diego State + 260 – (level 2) – The Mountain West is wide open but the fact is the Aztecs are the best team and getting a good return here.

ACC – Duke Blue Devils + 160 – (level 2) – Duke is in a virtual home game and you know coach K can smell that #1 seed. Virginia worries me here but Duke so close to home and Anderson coming back slowly gets the edge.

Pending Futures Plays :

College Basketball Futures

Villanova to win Championship – 35:1 odds – (level 2)

Villanova to win Big East – + 175 – (level 3) –Jay Wright has 4 of his 5 starters from last year back and they won 29 games last year.

Wisconsin to win Big 10 – + 175 – (level 3) – This final 4 team could slip up during the year with a target on their backs but they have the best player in the conference and the drive to get back and win it all.

Wesley Saunders Avg. points per game 14 – Over – (level 5) – Saunders is a stud and last year needed to distribute more to Rivard. This year he should lead this exciting scoring team and with Chambers focusing on distributing the ball expect this win. He had 14.2 last year and 16.2 before that.

Perry Ellis Avg. points per game 15 – Over – (level 3) – After losing Wiggins who was at 17 per game last year Ellis who had 14 must pick up the slack here. Expect a huge year.


NBA Futures for 2014/2015 –

Chicago Bulls to win Central Division +160 – (level 2) – The Bulls back with Rose and their new pickups could dominate this year while Cleveland should need some time to gel.

Washington Wizards to win Southeast Division + 125 – (level 3) – this team could potentially be playing in the Finals yet are being totally overlooked.

Cleveland Cavs Under 59 wins – (level 4) – like I said above this team might find it hard to gel right away.

LA Lakers Over 30 wins – (level 2) – I still think Kobe has enough left to win a few more games than last season

Memphis Grizzlies Over 49 wins – (level 2) – The Grizz got to this number last year with injuries. They will be healthy and ready this year.

World Series Prop Plays : (as always these are not for the record but for fun)

How many plays will be overturned during the World Series Under 1 (+135) – It will take 2 overturns for us to lose here I think with the best umpires and the rarity that replay is this is a safe underdog play.

Total games in the series Over 5 1/2 ( -130) – I don’t see either team with a massive advantage I’ll take a nice 7 game series here but 6 is fine as well

World Series MVP – Madison Bumgarner 12:1 odds – This is a no brainer. If it goes 7 he will pitch 3 times and at 12:1 it’s a calculated risk.

World Series MVP – Alex Gordon – 12:1 odds – I still say that Gordon is the Royals best player and with 12:1 odds on someone who can get it done in the field and at bat give me the best player on the team.

Baseball Futures 2014 :

Washington Nationals to win World Series 8:1 – ( level 3) – The Nats were the hot ticket last year and this season they have only gotten better. Adding Doug Fister will be big but the growth of their young stars even more so. I expect Bryce Harper to take a big leap forward this season as well as Stephen Strasburg.

Washington Nationals to win NL East ( – 150 ) – (level 4) – The Braves are a mess with two starters needing Tommy John surgery and losing McCann and Hudson will hurt the clubhouse. The Mets, Marlins and Philly are battling to just get to .500. This is a two team race that seems to me to be a one team race.

Pedro Alvarez to lead MLB in Home Runs – 20:1 – (level 2) – This is going on a bit of a limb but with these odds I have to take a stab. Alvarez won’t get all the attention because of his bad batting average but he has back to abck 30 homer years and clubbed 36 last season. 40+ seems reasonable here and that puts him in the top 5. The other players with 35+ last year are all at under 10:1 odds so this is value.

Houston Astros Over 62 1/2 Wins – (level 3) – I know this is a scary bet but the Astros are loaded with young talent and a lot of them we will see in the 2nd half of the season. I expect them to still lose 90 + games but they will avoid 100 this year.

Los Angeles Angels to win AL West – + 190 – (level 2) – I am taking a shot with talent alone here. Pujols, Trout and the rest just have too much talent to fail year after year. With the injuries to the Rangers and my uncertainty about Oakland this could prove to be a good play.

NFL Football Futures –

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Winners – 7:1 odds – (level 2) – I know the history of a repeat champion and I may not have given this out before training camp but the Niners lost a ton over the summer, Sam Bradford went down and the Cards lost some big defensive guys and I can’yt find reasons to not like Seattle.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Winners – 9:1 odds – (level 2) – Sure Brady gets back Gronk and all but this is about Revis, Browner, Mayo and Wilfork all secruing that defense. I think the Pats get back to the big show on the shoulders of a superior D and Brady still has more left in the tank.

Dallas Cowboys to win Under 8 games – (level 4) – I am stunned at this number 8 from a team with the worst defense in the league. I think if everything falls perfectkly for this Cowboys team they might get to 7 -8 wins but they certainly aren’t a 9 win team which is what it will take to lose here.

Jacksonville Jaguars to win Over 5 games – (level 3) – I really like what Gus Bradley is doing in Jacksonville and before you laugh let’s remember how this team grew up over the season and finished 4-4 over their last 8 games. A weak division and easy schedule I think 6 wins is a goal and 7 is not out of the question.

New England Patriots to win AFC East – 300 – (level 3) – This is a huge line but for a reason. Pats have won this division in 11 of the last 12 years and I can’t find a reason to think otherwise yet again.

Chicago Bears to win NFC Central + 300 – (level 2) – Great odds for a team who had an explosive offense and added some key names to a defense this year. Green Bay is looming as the favorite but without Raji they are vulnerable.

Football Futures –

Oklahoma Sooners to win NCAA Championship – 8:1 odds – (level 2) –This Oklahoma team has great leadership at the top in Stoops and a very good QB now in Knight. This team got better and more mature as the season progressed ending in an old fashioned butt kicking of Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. With these odds, a QB and coach I buy into I’m on the Sooners wagon.

Oklahoma Sooners to win Big 12 Championship – – 150 – (level 3) – Same as above and not terrible odds

Wisconsin Badgers to win Big 10 West – Even Money – (level 4) – Wisky is the Big 10 team no one is mentioning. I would have liked them for the Big 10 title with Ohio State down but Michigan State worries me. I’ll take them to win the West yet again as a good price.

2014 Futures Winner – UConn National Champs 55:1

2014 Futures Winner – Los Angeles Lakers Under 37 Wins

2013 Futures Winner – Harvard Ivy League 1:3

2013 Futures Winner – Cincy Bengals Central + 380

2013 Futures WInner – Florida State ACC + 250

2013 Futures Winner – Wisconsin Over 8 1/2 wins